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Pastor: J. Charles Humphrey

Phone: 276-821-8375

Meeting Location:

(YWCA of Bristol)

106 State Street 

Bristol, Tennessee 37620

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10:00am Prayer

10:45am Worship

Noon Fellowship Meal

(2nd & 4th Sundays Discipleship Time: 2pm-4pm)

After worship each Sunday everyone is welcome to stay and continue the fellowship by sharing a meal with us.  The meal will be immediately served by volunteers.  Some of you may just want an opportunity to get to know us a bit before deciding to worship with us.  You also are welcome to just join us for food and fellowship.  The meal is intended to be a light and savory meal that can be utilized either as lunch or as a snack if there are those who have plans for a bigger meal later in the afternoon.  


Following are the food items that will typically be served:

- A variety of nice breads

- A bread dip, such as pesto or olive oil

- A variety of nice cheeses 

- A variety of nice fresh fruits and raw vegetables

- Juice, Tea and Water

- Occasionally some sort of meat may be served


Ask us about being a part of one of our discipleship groups or ministry teams.

~ Men’s Leadership Discipleship Group

~ Women’s Discipleship Group

~ Multiply Discipleship Group

~ Instrument’s In The Redeemer’s Hands     Discipleship Group

~ Music Discipleship Group

~ Jail Ministry

~ Abortion Mill Ministry