"Jesus met them, saying, “Rejoice!” So they came and held Him by the feet and worshiped Him."

Matthew 28:9


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 A Special Announcement

The Church by definition and historical root of the word itself is a “called-out-assembly”.  We are called by God to repent, believe, worship, fellowship, proclaim, and disciple. We are called to present and practice His might and love to the world.  As the inward call of the Holy Spirit restores and renews, we are called out to be distinct from the world, and to be disciples drawn outward by Christ’s love to one another. We are covenantally called out to assemble together as His body, many members with many gifts and roles, with Jesus as the Head of the Church.  Jesus Christ’s authority and His calling supersedes all other authority and calling.  We gather ourselves together in Christ, and gather others together to Christ.  


Although the Church is not a building, the Church is not isolated, not virtual, not governed by the state nor fear. In Christ, we are not to be afraid of the sting of sin in sickness and death, but neither should we be cavalier and unloving when there is a contagious virus spreading that can be very harmful and deadly, especially to the most vulnerable among us. We fear God rather than man, but we obey God by submitting to earthly authority according to (and limited to) their callings and responsibilities.  We have the responsibility and liberty to be governed by His Word alone, but His Word proclaims that what is lawful should also be fruitful and driven by the summary of the law: to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love others as ourselves.  We are grateful for a nation and state that recognizes the God-given calling and right to assemble and worship, and we will continue to prayerfully seek to use faithful discernment in how to respond to social distancing guidelines given by those we are covenantly bound to, including governments or organizations outside of the Church.


With these things being said and so, we seek to take precautions to guard against the unnecessary spread of the virus. After consulting multiple sources to the best of our ability, we are implementing and adhering to the following precautions:


1. Anyone with symptoms of fever and chills must remain at home. If you have a persistent dry cough that is not directly related to allergies, you are asked to remain home. Since this is an airborne virus, it is imperative that we not take the risk of spreading it to others when it can be avoided. If you need to remain at home, please contact one of the elders so that we may pray for you.

2. Please take the time to wash your hands frequently using either soap and water or hand sanitizer.

3. Please be considerate of those with compromised health immunity and those who prefer to wear a face mask and maintain social distance.  Discern whether it would be best to wear a mask around others and minimize social contact, and be gracious to all.  Do not wear a mask if you are having difficulty breathing or are feeling faint.

4. We are using additional sanitary precautions as we prepare and handle Communion.

5. We are attempting to follow additional sanitary precautions and cleaning that the YWCA has implemented as a part of our rental agreement with them.

6. Access to the restrooms will be only through the gym, not the kitchen.

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