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 A Special Announcement

As Christians we should not be afraid, but neither should we be cavalier regard-ing taking precautions to guard against the unnecessary spread of the virus. After consulting multiple sources, the consistory believes we can resume our corporate worship as long as demonstrate love for our neighbors, especially those who have weakened immune systems, by doing what we can to minimize the immediate and potential spread of the COVID-19 virus Therefore we are implementing the following precautions:

1. Anyone with symptoms of fever, chills, or aches must remain at home. If you have a cough or sneezing that is not directly related to allergies, you are asked to remain home. Since this is an airborne virus, it is imperative that we not take the risk of spreading it to others when it can be avoided. If you need to remain at home, please contact one of the elders so that we may pray for you.

2. Please maintain social distancing between family groups.

3. Please wear a face mask unless you are having a difficult time breathing or are feeling faint.

4. We are adjusting the way we do communion to minimize the risk of conta-gion during communion,

5. Access to the restrooms will be only through the gym, not the kitchen.

6. Please take the time to wash your hands using either soap and water or hand sanitizer both before and after the service

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